Health Coaching


Health Coaching fills a void in our current health care system for  people with health challenges who need personal assistance in achieving their wellness goals. Health Coaching principles are drawn from disciplines including  psychologysocial work,and  nursing,  as well as holistic health and wellness management.  Health  Coaches use effective behavioral psychology principles to empower  people to make lasting lifestyle changes.

Denise Roden is a Health  Coach, certified by Georgetown Universities School of Continuing Studies and a successful bariatric surgery patient with extensive  experience in assisting bariatric patients before and after surgery.

Through our confidential partnership, health coaching will assist you in creating a customized “Wellness Vision” based on your individual needs and desires.

Health Coaching sessions can be in person or via telephone, Skype or email.  For additional information regarding your investment and customized plan, please contact Bariatric Center for Success.

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