Summertime = Fresh Veggies!

What a great time to get Back on Track!  There is nothing better than having fresh vegetables and fruits from your local farmer’s market to kick-start your weight loss.  I find that this time of year helps me shed those 5 pounds I gained during the winter months.

I usually buy my vegetables at our local farmer’s market, however, this year I have two good size plant stands that were crafted from an old picnic table by my “permanent fiance” Victor.

Garden I’ve planted beefsteak and cherry tomato’s, zucchini and yellow squash, lettuce, bell pepper and cucumbers. Not to mention my herb garden made up of lavender, peppermint, thyme, rosemary, basil and oregano! I can’t wait to watch it grow.  I have a little extra room so I’m trying to think of other vegetables to add.  They sit in full sun so I have to be careful what I choose.  Any thoughts or ideas?

What are your favorite dishes to cook with all of these fresh vegetables?  For me, I love squash and broccoli casserole.  I just visited my mother and sister over Mother’s Day weekend and we made two broccoli casseroles while I was there and I came home and made another when I got back to DC!  Fresh broccoli is the best and as they say in the South – one can never have enough casserole dishes!  See recipe here!

Victor and I will be sailing out on the Chesapeake this Memorial Day and I always try and keep it healthy.  We’ve become accustomed to using our Lodge Dutch Oven to create one dish wonders and we’ve discovered that you can cook just about any meat and add veggies at the end for a wonderful dish! Plus, there are usually left-overs!  Of course I will have to have the obligatory hamburger but I will leave the bun in the bag and roll mine up in a nice piece of Bibb Lettuce!  Yum yum.  I hope you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to thank a vet for all they do to keep us safe!



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  1. Your post reminds me I need to start gardening! Fresh veggies are the best 🙂

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