Happy “Food” Year!

Food . . . we all need it for nourishment but as bariatric patients, that word can bring on so much emotion.  Last week I had 5 holiday parties to attend so “food” was on mind from the moment I woke up. Every morning would start with what should I eat now so I can have something later? How much more should I exercise to combat any bad “food” choices I might make? Is two glasses of wine, two too many? I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

Feelings like these can sabotage your good “food” habits before you ever get to the party.  Fortunately I realized this earlier in the week so I tried to establish some goals for myself.  I had already reached a 20 pound weight loss for the year and I knew I didn’t want to gain one ounce back!  I also knew I wanted to feel and look good in my clothes and I also knew I really didn’t have a lot of extra time to exercise longer.

So, these are the guidelines I established for myself that seem to have worked because my weight is holding steady and I did enjoy myself at the parties.

  1. Drink extra water the day of the event. This helped to keep my body hydrated and full so that I didn’t snack or overeat during the day.
  2. Have some protein right before you leave your house.  This helped me to feel satisfied and not in need of heading straight to the “food” tables.
  3. If you do have a glass of wine – take it with ice cubes.  This way, you reduce the amount of calories per glass and sip it.
  4. Introduce yourself to someone and strike up a conversation. If you are talking – you can’t be eating.
  5. When it does come time to have a something to eat -peruse the table for proteins and veggies.  They will be there somewhere among the lobster mac and cheese and creamy dips.  I was lucky one night when they had London Broil, a cheese tray (no bread or crackers for me) and a veggie tray.  All great choices.  Also, if you can, pick up the dessert plate to put your food on. They are usually smaller and you won’t have the desire to fill your plate.

I know the holidays are about being with family, “food” and all of the other goodies, but this year think a little bit about making it about your health, realizing how far you’ve come, being mindful and starting out the New Year a step ahead! (or maybe several)

Wishing you all a Healthy and Happy Holiday Season



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